Tommy Säl

Work 2.0

Hey! I’m ☝️, a Swedish freelance illustrator and graphic designer, and I design for products and brands to be more fun, friendly, and functional. Below is a selection of my previous work, and



I collaborated with SOSU’s founder to develop a corporate identity for this super exciting venture. SOSU brings new open spaces for the young and old to dine, draw, and develop skills together in their urban clubhouses.

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Star Wars® x Kano

Kano’s latest coding kit is out of this world. Together with Disney, they’ve made a Force Sensor kit for users to get a sense of what it’s like to force push a droid, fling sabers around, and finally levitate that X-Wing out Dagobah Swamp.

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Kano Storybooks

I’ve designed, illustrated, written several editions of Kano’s storybook together with the amazing team at Kano. Each coding kit comes with a booklet to demystify the device you’re about to make and code.

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Mälardalens Fastighetsförm.

Two seasoned realtors needed an identity for their new venture, Mälardalens Fastighetsförmedling. Together, we created a full branding suite and a print package to cover any future needs.

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Harry Potter x Kano

I joined the team as art director and illustrator to help tell stories from the wonderful Wizarding World, and explain how a bluetooth wand can make jellybeans on your screen grow.

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Kano Packaging

Kano’s retail presences has to be improved, so I worked with the team to develop a new direction for their full packaging suite.

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Sense by Hello

Hello reached out to me and wanted to work on some on-boarding illustrations for their sleep tracker, Sense.

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Kano Badge System

I worked with the product team at Kano to conceptualise, design, and deliver badges for their reward system. Very rewarding project, I liked it a lot

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