I'm a designer and illustrator, creating and art directing
for products and brands

As a multidisciplinary designer, I can make your product or service look better and communicate better in more than one ways. That's what I’ve been doing for the past 6 years in early and late stage startups; building brands from the ground up, designing books, boxes and billboards, co-creating campaigns and coding platforms, and shaped products that've helped hundreds of thousands of people – and still do.

I believe that just like simple designs can solve complex problems, vibrant designs can brighten up shitty days, which is why I pack as much personality and 😉 into my designs as possible.

Things I’ve illustrated with award winning teams* have been featured in
Fast Co. DesignRed Dot DesignWall Street JournalThe Verge, TechCrunchKickstarter

*Red Dot Award, Cannes Golden Lion, webbys


Illustration, iconography, brand identities, user interface design, design for print. 


"Tommy's role as a designer and creative was vital to us in the initial phase of Kyparn, as the design language he established early on helped us reach out to new costumers in a more confident way. Looking back at those years makes it clear that the founding team's hard work and achievements has played a major part in Kyparn's successes throughout the years."

👨🏻 Niklas Mattsson, OWNER / BUSINESS GROWTH på Sales of Sweden

"It's hard to find people who are as talented – and as good a team player – as Swedish Tommy. He is incredibly committed and obviously loves what he does for a living, adding on top of his very tasteful designs and illustrations, a very ethical and critical view of the whole product ecosystem he's helping to build at Kano."

👨🏽 Lucas Neumann, Designer at Nubank Brasil


Let's talk 

I’m a London based Swede that has the privileged of calling the internet my second office, and this makes me quite flexible and allows me to team up with people from all over the world.

So, if you got anything fun going on and like what you’ve seen here, please reach out at hi@tommys.al or call me at +447413388831 so I can get to know you and hear how I can help.

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