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Kano Computing

Kano creates DIY computer kits for the next creative generation. Each kit comes with all the parts, books and software needed to guide you step-by-step in bringing your device to life.

As the frist designer to join, my responsibilities went from designing books, boxes and software to conceptualise and execute on retail designs, directing photoshoots and collaborating with partners like Toys R us, Target and Walmart

Art Director
2013 - Present


I co-founded and designed Kyparn from the ground up, with a group of talented colleagues. Kyparn (The waiter) is a Swedish restaurant finder that each month helps hundred of thousands of hungry visitors to choose where to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

My responsibilities at Kyparn was to design the platform (website and CMS), iOS app, visual identity, print collateral and to travel around Sweden and photograph hundreds of restaurants.

Co-founder + Designer
2011 - 2012

⋮ Kyparn branding
⋮ UI/UX Design

Small Saturday

Small Saturday is a Swedish way of justifying things you do to brighten up mundane weekdays, by eating good or going to the movies on Wednesday (who does dat?). I want to spread this mindset of slightly more exciting weekdays through my designs and illustrations, and injecting a bit a Lill Lördag into your bland week.

2016 - Present

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