Tommy Säl


Star Wars® x Kano

Kano Computing LTD • 2019
Art Direction, design, illustration

I once again teamed up with the great people at Kano to help bring another kit to market. This time it was together with Disney and Star Wars, and we were faced with the humbling task of demystifying a force sensor 🤷‍♂️.




The list of characters that we wanted to include in the kit seemed quite daunting at first, but once I started drawing them I couldn’t stop! It’s such an interesting universe to work with, packed with insane personalities and endless amounts stories to research.


Book design

Each Kano kit comes with a manual that guides you page by page, step by step, from components to completion, and drops wisdom along the way. The Star Wars kit was no exception, and I helped establish the art style for this book to make it feel aligned with Kano’s current library, but at the same time as something completely new.



We selected a wide range of iconic locations from across the galaxy to be used in code creations, marketing, and animations. I can easily get stuck in the details on projects like this, but here I had to occasionally stop myself as they had to be super simple, yet recognisable, to work as backdrops to whatever character or object you add to them.


Ships and droids