Tommy Säl


Mälardalens Fastighegtsförm.

Two seasoned realtors needed an identity for their new venture, Mälardalens Fastighetsförmedling, so they reached out and we decided to tackle it together. Both of them have been active in the business for a while, so they knew the market and their competitive strengths.

Like any branding process, this one started with conversations where we talked
through their vision, mission, and unique offerings.

Client’s offerings

Adaptability, custom solutions,
local knowledge and connections


Serious, trustworthy, local,
exclusive, modern

As realtors, they’ll sell houses and apartments in all shapes and sizes, and in any condition; small, big, new and old. One thing they all have in common is a strong foundation and structure, and it was that type of reliability and trust that I wanted Mälardalens Fastighetsförmedling’s identity to communicate.


Visual identity for Mälardalens Fastighetsförmedling


Art Direction, design, illustration

The mark

Screenshot 2018-10-27 at 21.30.58.png

Name truncation

Mälardalens Fastighetsförmedling is quite a mouthful, even for a Swede. To balance it out - to cut the fat - we decided to shorten Fastighetsförmedling to Fastighetsförm. It still makes sense, but looks better and stands out from other locals realtors.

Mälardalens Fastighetsförmedling → Mälardalens Fastighetsförm.



Mälardalens Fastighetsförm.’s local knowledge and network is something they take a lot of pride in. So we decide to let that shine through in their identity by using blue, cool, colours that reflects Mälardalens geographical location, it’s closeness to the archipelago, and when combined creates a colourful, vibrant and modern colour palette to work with.


RGB #21466, 33 70 102
CMYK 93 71 38 24 / PMS 7694 C


RGB #36cef7, 54 206 247
CMYK 60 0 2 0 / PMS Blue 0821 C



Hurme Geometric Sans The typeface used in logo had to be bold, reliable, and packed with character – just like the guys behind the brand. Hurme Geometric Sans ticked all of those boxes for me:


Yrsa Selling a house means a lot of paperwork. Finding potential buyers means a lot of marketing, in both traditional media and in new, screen-based, environments. With this in mind, I went looking for a typeface that represents MF’s characteristics, functions in all situations and is legible in longer paragraphs. Yrsa is a great serif typeface with many weights, making it a perfect match.


Logo lockup



“Hitta hem med oss” means two things in Swedish. Literally, “Find houses with us” and “Find home with us”. We decided to use this as MF has ambitions to not only help you sell your current place, but also proactively help others find the right home for them.