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Kano Packaging

Kano is a creative computer company based in London who makes computer and coding kits that range from buildable laptops and motion controlled apps, to codeable wands and light-boards.

The Challenge

In 2016, Kano was quickly expanding into physical retail and had shelves to fill all across the U.S. As the kits had only been sold through online marketplaces before, the artwork needed a refresh and be ready for retail. So, we picked up the pace and figured out that we needed new product imagery, clear callouts, unique product offerings, and copy and visuals to explain the end-to-end experience in a simple – yet exciting – way.


Kano Computing • 2013-2018

Art Direction, illustration,

Wonder Vision→


The Solution

After exploring ideas, and pushing production timeline and costs, we ended up with a packaging system not too far from where we started – but yet completely new. The colour-coding of the kits were still intact, and we used the same typeface and language, but set in a new layout. The previous abstract illustrations were replaced with big, bold, product renders to properly show off what was inside the kit.

These change was made to Kano’s full product range; Computer Kit, Computer Kit Touch, Pixel Kit, Motion Sensor Kit and the Harry Potter Code Wand Kit.

box-computer-open-closeupRET copy.jpg

Did you know?

My favourite part of the packaging are the hidden facts. The box will, once opened, reveal a fun fact about your kit. On the Computer Kit it says; “Make a computer 27,906,98 times faster than the mainframe that put man on the moon”



The most significant change we made to the boxes were the front visuals. We wanted to highlight the build, the use and the play with the new renders.

Our biggest challenge was to get the balance right between realism and all the endless possibilities you have when working in a 3d space.

We’re pretty pleased with how they turned out, and customers responds well to them.

Renders by Wonder Vision


Kit Pictograms

A series of pictograms was made to highlight the components and features of each kit.


+4,500 retail locations

After passing tests in retail environments, Kano’s updated boxes was rolled out and started to fill shelves and point of sales all across the U.S, and making it accessible to creators and makers in more than 4,500 retail locations.

Screenshot 2018-10-10 at 17.03.15.png
img_3256 (1).jpg
The list of places where you can buy products like Kano’s $249 build-it-yourself laptop will now include all of the Best Buys and Targets in North America, selected Walmart stores, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Indigo, Microsoft, The Source and Toys R Us.