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Kano is a creative computing company in East London, designing, coding and shipping tools for the next creative generation. They sell DIY computer kits that comes with all the necessary parts and books to guide you step-by-step in building your own device. 

My role when designing the books was to compile notes from rigorous user testing session, structure build flow, occasionally write and always illustrate them.

This is a selection of my favourite pages from all the books we've made.

Credit to
Bruno, Aaron and Sherif

Kano Computing Ltd • 2016 - 2017

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Computer Kit Complete

Make and code your own laptop. This book was by far the longest and most difficult one we've ever done due to the products complexity. It's circa 90 pages thick, was really tricky to get right, but after rounds and rounds of user testing we ended up with a book we're all proud of.

Motion Sensor Kit

Make hand-controlled apps. The book above might've the our thickest book ever, but this was definitly our weirdest. I mean, how do you demystify a proximity sensor in an exiting way? With lasers and fart orchestras, apparently.

Computer Kit

Make your own computer. This is the book that's been around the longest and through countless iterations, and also the one that's received a the most praise. 60-ish pages of step-by-step guidance in building your own computer, packed with fun facts and vibrant illustrations.


Pixel Kit

Build and code dazzling lights. "Make your own light board and learn to code 128 LEDS" has never been an easy message to get across, but I think we succeeded with this one. 


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