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Designed for various companies and self-initiated projects throughout the years.

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Lemon/Lemonade is a self-initiated project of mine, where I'd share brief and outcomes, and be super transparent about the process. The project never took off, but it was great fun to create a bit of the identity for it.

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Mood is a series of online compaines, ranging from casino to "How to be a gent"-guides.


Galanti is a series of food products that hits the sweet spot between quality and price, making delicious Mediterranean food available for everyone.


Young Sports Club is a initiative to support local sports organisations in southern Sweden. I love working with good hearted people support good causes, to if you have something similar going on, let's chat.


Idrottsförä is a community for parents of athletes to share experiences and support others parents who might seek guidance on how to best coach their young ones.


London Jam was a very successful Raspberry Pi jam hosted by Mathew Keegan at Kano HQ a couple of  years ago. Logo, posters, flyers and bunting was designed for the event.


Brooklyn 1664 is an Americana inspired restaurant in Sweden, serving up classic burger and beers in a family friendly atmosphere.


Pizzanautti is a Finnish pizza delivery service.


Rock'n Bar & Mat was a daytime restaurant and nighttime bar. The logotype consist of a custom lettering piece combined with a solid sans serif typeface.


Bon Cena imports and export Croatian delicacies to Sweden, bringing the Mediterranean specialities to your local grocery store.


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